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Sarahjean Lizotte
Sarahjean Lizotte - Licensed Acupuncturist
Phone: (978) 448-3940

Sarahjean Lizotte, MAc, Lic.Ac practices Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and both Chinese and Japanese styles of Acupuncture, including non-insertive techniques which is an effective treatment for pediatric and needle phobic patients.

She received her Masters of Acupuncture from the New England School of Acupuncture and her Bachelors in Sociology and Health Care from The University of Connecticut. Sarahjean holds a Diplomate in Acupuncture status from the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), is Licensed with the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Medicine, licensed with the State of New Hampshire Board of Licensing and is a member of the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and is trained in both Japanese and Chinese acupuncture techniques.

Sarahjean is dedicated to working closely with her patients to meet their individual goals. Her focus is to provide an environment that is conducive to healing through safety, compassion and relaxation.

Patrick Giguere
Patrick Giguere - Acupuncturist

Patrick has a passion for the connections between body, mind, and soul and this interest has been lifelong. During the past six years in practice, Patrick has helped [patients with a wide variety of conditions. In Graduate school his course of study focused on sports medicine and pain management along with the adjunct therapies of Tui Na massage, cupping, Moxibustion, and Gua Sha. Patrick searched for new ways to understand how the body's state of health indicates our mental, emotional, and spiritual selves.

In conjunction with Oriental medical diagnosis, Patrick uses Vedic astrology and Rune casting to guide patient evaluation. In addition to helping patients with pain and musculoskeletal issues. Patrick has also helped many patients with neurological conditions, sleep disorders, digestive issues, stress, anxiety, emotional balance, and many other conditions. He is a certified Level II Reiki practitioner and certified in medical Qigong. In addition, he is a certified Tai chi instructor and is well versed in rehabilitative exercise. Patrick is currently being certified in Systema, the Russian system of healing movement and martial arts, and is currently an instructor of the Animal Flow system.

He places great value in helping patients use their bodies in a more healthy and efficient way so they can treat themselves in their daily lives. Patrick earned a Master of Science at Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Denver CO. He also earned a Bachelor of Science from the United States Naval Academy.

Peg Nastasia
Peg Nastasia - Office Manager
Phone: (978) 448-3940

Peg Nastasia is a former Verizon Technician of almost 27 years. Since her retirement Peg became involved in the VNAB Hospice working as a volunteer. She continues to find the work incredibly rewarding.

This new phase of her life involves being part of a health care team that appreciates the benefits of becoming healthy and staying healthy. "The Well-Being Acupuncture Center is a wonderfully positive environment to work in. It is not only fun, but very fulfilling."

Teresa Airey Coyle
Teresa Airey Coyle - Office Manager
Phone: (978) 448-3940

Teresa Coyle Airey is a Mother, Grandmother, Birth/Postpartum Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor and Childbirth Educator. As the founder of her own small business, "Peaceful Birth and Beyond", she works closely with couples and infants to assure a safe and thoughtful journey before and after birth. In addition to her private work, Teresa joined the office staff team at Well-Being Acupuncture in the summer of 2014. "It is a pleasure to work in such an optimistic environment at The Well-Being Acupuncture Center. I am blessed with the opportunity to meet and greet all of you along side of a loving, energetic and caring team!"

Kathleen Avison
Kathleen Avison - Massage therapist

I love wat I do! I am a licensed massage therapist with an Associate Degree in Holistic Massage Therapy specializing in the Art of Essential Touch. My training started when I was sent to Big Sur, California, Bali, and Indonesia where I became certified as an Esalen Massage Practitioner. The skills that I have acquired, in both technique and mind-body presence, allow me to be authentic with each client as each appointment.

My goal is to always bring a unique quality of touch to the table and I have developed an intuition about client needs by listening to their preferences, monitoring breathing rhythms and other subtle physical cues during the massage.

During a session you can expect a blend of nurturing, integrative, long strokes along with gentle stretching that will invite you to move easily welcome the deep tissue work. This will allow you to become more receptive to the healing energy within yourself. Your heightened sense of self-awareness in a safe environment will encourage letting go of chronic, tightened muscle holding patterns and will guide you to truly relax.

Jody Farmer
Jody Farmer - Psychotherapy
Phone: (978) 850-2030

Jody Farmer practices psychotherapy (also called counseling) with both children and adults. She approaches her work from a holistic perspective, meaning that she believes in a connection between mind and body and treats them together rather than as separate parts. Jody is "thrilled" to join Sarahjean at Well-Being Acupuncture where they share the conviction that healing and wellness involve the whole person.

Jody earned her Bachelor of Arts from Boston College and a Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling from St. Joseph's College. She is a member of the Massachusetts Mental Health Counselors Association and has experience working on a number of issues including depression, anxiety, trauma, loss, identity, relationship(s) and parenting.

Together with her clients, Jody sets goals to help people function amidst life's changes and adversity as well as to live more fully. Jody views psychotherapy as something anyone can benefit from - just as we might tend to our physical bodies, tending to our minds and hearts can not only decrease symptoms, but increase the quality of our lives.

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The Well-Being Acupuncture Center is accepting new patients. Call now to make an appointment at (978) 448-3940.

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